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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a condo hangar a good investment?
A: Yes, just like a home it will appreciate in value.

Q:Can I rent my hangar?
A:Yes, many owners purchase hangars to use as rental investments.

Q:Can I live in my hangar?
A:No, the hangars are for aircraft related business and aircraft storage, not for residential use

Q:What size hangar will I need for my airplane?
A:Click here for aircraft sizes.

Q: What happens to my hangar at the end of the lease?
A: The buildings could revert back to the municipality, but in the past, the leases have been          extended at about the half way point of the lease.

Q:Do I send my lease payment to the lessor?
A:No, you will send your monthly or quarterly dues to the Condo Association and the Condo                  Association treasurer will make the lease payment.

Q:Do I need to carry insurance on my hangar?
A:There is condo insurance policies that include liability and fire replacement. This does not    cover contents in your hangar or your aircraft.  This is something each owner needs to                provide if desired.

Q:What does the maintenance fund pay for?
A:Common bathrooms, ground maintenance, exterior building maintenance.